Energy Technologies

Energy Harvesting

One of the more promising methods in energy harvesting, in terms of efficiency and wide-operational scopes, is terahertz energy harvesting.  The advantages of terahertz energy harvesting are due to increased efficiency (~40-60%), increased operational hours per day (day and night), complementary to existing techniques, and
increased reliability.

Energy Conversion

Our interest lies in direct conversion of CO2 to liquid fuels, like ethanol and methanol. This will be of great value to the utilities, fuels and energy production companies in this region. Direct conversion of CO 2 to liquid fuels addresses two important problems, namely, increasing carbon emissions and over dependence on fossil fuels.

Energy Storage

The domain of energy storage is increasingly becoming an important area of research and development. The major challenges in this area are bringing down the storage costs, improving the storage life-cycle and efficiency, and reducing the recharging time. We work on a non-mainstream, however, promising technology called high energy density metal-air energy storage. In addition, we also have ongoing work in modular solar thermal storage technology.