Energy Infrastructure – Simulating Socio-Economic and Policy Models

Through socio-economic and policy modelling is an important, we help policy makers in governments and businesses in informed decision making. We develop system-level models to better understand socio-economic, environmental, political, and technological dimensions.

Public-private partnership

Innovations in PPP is crucial for developing commercial-scale energy infrastructure, e.g. public transport, utilities, distribution, and energy storage systems. In this research, we develop state-of- art simulation tools to enable decision makers to make informed decisions and develop create solutions
through scenario planning, hypotheses simulations, game theory models for risk sharing, financing, and operating for the infrastructure.

Circular Economy

This theme cuts across socio, economic, environmental, political and technological dimensions of energy sector. We look at state-of- the-art models for bringing knowhow and knowledge in the processes involved in energy production, distribution, and consumption activities.

Our research focus on enabling companies and government entities to be more competitive, environmentally, and economically more sustainable. We develop system-level models and solutions in the form of tools, processes, and policy simulations.